5 Factors How to Choose the Right Hijab

Choosing the right hijab stuff is a factual fun and everybody does not familiar about it how to get. This article surely leads you to have 5 important factors while you are going to decide what hijab style and stuff should be for you. Try to know some basics; a hijab narrated into English “scarf” is used to cover the hairs, head and forehead down to neck area which can be matched to the abaya or long dresses to complete the look.

How to Choose the Right Hijab
How to Choose the Right Hijab

You can use any piece of plain or printed cloth for wrapping it round your face as scarf. You can purchase stitched or unstitched hijab which can be handled and wrapped easily. You can purchase whatever you want, however, there are some supporting things which may lead you perfectly to an appreciating result. A large variety of colors and fabrics allow you to chose and create your own style in any way. But subsequent dynamics definitely play a key role in selection of rightly face toned hijab style.

Hijab Must Obey Religion and Cultural Norms

In fact, hijab is an imperative component of Muslim female’s code of dressing. Muslim females are commanded by their religion to wear hijab as an ethical and religious practice to cover their hairs, forehead and neck while going out. Muslim girls and women are expected hardly go for long and obscure material scarf to cover their chest area as well. Some women wear scarf as a cultural symbol like in Middle East, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Jew and Christian girls also wear hijab as their traditional dress.

To have right hijab look, it should be contrasted with the outfit or abaya they are wearing to be looking dignify. Always stay with real fun while choosing scarf stuff for you.
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Hijab Fashion Trends

Right way of choosing hijab is to follow the current fashion trends by neighboring preferences. You can decorate your scarf by addition of funky accessories and contrast the colors and patterns according to latest fashion trends. Jeweled stones, embroidery work, floral prints and butterfly pins look great for fixing the scarf. The silk, net and chiffon stuffed materials together create a unique and trendy scarf. Long stoles for young girls and shaylas for mature females are best choice for this purpose which can be worn with layers to look more stylish and gorgeous.
Latest Hijab Fashion Trends

Hijab According to Face Shape

What face shape you have been blessed by Al-Mighty Allah is not at your will. However, choosing right and sensible wearing stuffs is totally in your own control. Outfit is only accurate that is fully personality matching and skin toned. Unmatchable scarf surely give you an awkward outlook. There are 5 most common face shapes for hijab in the world, oval, rectangular, round, square and heart shaped face. Before choosing hijab stuff, you must read your facial feature and try to select best stuff for you. Get guideline from following pictures ideas.

Hijab for Oval Face
Hijab for Oval Face Hijab for Rectangular Face
Hijab for Rectangular Face
Hijab for Round Face
Hijab for Round Face
Hijab for Square Face
Hijab for Square Face Hijab for Heart Shape Face
Hijab for Heart Shape Face

Fabrication and Age Factor

If you wear hijab scarf for the purpose of comfort, then do consider the length and width of scarf which can cover your hairs, forehead and neck well. The cloth must be breathable, controlled and aerated to keep you at ease while moving out. The age factor also matters in hijab selection as teenage girls can wear various colored scarves with jeans and skirts. Mature women maintain decency, decorousness and modesty and they choose some sober stuff. Consequently you must purchase the hijab that is accurate in stuff quality, size, design and fully emerging with face values.
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Choosing Right Hijab Occasionally and Seasonally

This is important point to note, the shade of hijab matters when it comes to the occasion and season on which you are going to wear it. Light colors look awesome in summer season while darker colors must be chosen for winter season. Likewise try to choose decent hijab colors for formal wears and fresh and funky colors for beach parties and get to gather. Fabric should be chosen in accordance weather conditions like as cotton fabric for summer and silk, chiffon for winter depends on entire outfit and theme of the occasion where you are going to.
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