Back To School Makeup Tutorial for High School – Youtube

Back to school makeup for high/middle school inspiration ideas are my today topic and I have published a practical tutorial according the matter on YouTube. I have received a lot of requests about beautiful makeup looks that are good for school, so I decided to update my blog for some unique tips. When I was in high school, I just stuck to mascara and lip gloss; simple and sophisticated. What kind of looks do you like for school?

In this article some quick makeup dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you get ready to head back to school with attractive appear. Let me to watch what I have done in the video.

Back To School Makeup Tutorial for High School

5 Essentials for Back to School Makeup

Following 5 essentials are most important for you to be looking fresh and gorgeous.

  • Keep your makeup natural and effortless which will help to avoid looking overdone, and also speeds up your morning routine. You need the beauty rest, so keep it simple.
  • Due to all-nighter study session, you can catch your eyes tired and bigger. You can always try the right trick to reduce bagginess. Even a little concealed will help brighten up dark circles no matter how much/little sleep you get.
  • Always use long-lasting foundation because you’re going to be spending a lot of time in class. Keeping your foundation with a powder will help keep your foundation matte, too.
  • Fill in your natural brows with a pencil that is two shades lighter for darker hair or two shades darker for lighter hair.
  • Stains are good for a natural look and last longer than normal lipstick. You can also never go wrong with your favorite shiny lip gloss, just be sure to keep it in your bag for touch ups.

Back To School Makeup Tutorial for High School – Youtube

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