5 Elegant Free Quilt Block Patterns Using Jelly Rolls

Do you searching for how to make free quilt block patterns using jelly rolls quickly?

One way to abbreviate the quilting pattern process is to use pre-cut fabrics. A Jelly Roll is a pre-cut collection of quilting material that has been cut into strips that measure 2.5” by the width of fabric (approximately 40″ – 42”). Jelly Rolls are the faultless way to get a sampling of all the prints in a fabric line or collection. In most common practice, these prints can often be featured 40 strips of matched or contrasted fabric wrapped tightly together. However, strips quantity may vary manufacturer to manufacturer. In following free quilt patterns using Jelly Roll’s collection, you can get such nicely viewed stuffs excellently exemplify as;

Free Quilt Block Patterns Using Jelly Rolls

Elegant Free Quilt Block Patterns Using Jelly Rolls

One of the most up-to-date trends in quilting patterns is using pre-cuts, like Jelly Rolls, to give a quick start to making a quilt. For the beginners, a Jelly Roll means a roll of fabric that has been cut into strips (size of strip may differ company to company). However, strips may be typically 2.5 inches wide. Mostly fabric companies are offering the same item, but with different names and dimensions. The fabrics are coordinating, usually cut from one line of fabric.

We are not jelly roll quilt manufacturer, but we are on struggle to gather various elegant quilt pattern ideas to make our users comfortable. Browse more to choose best pattern ideas which are unique and luxurious in its fabrication.

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