Easy Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners Using Fat Quarters

Recently alluring and fabulous quilts are well thought-out as a warm addition for room decoration. In this post we have tried to play with one of our favorite new collection gallery of Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners Using Fat quarters to download in an encouraging way from where you can easily dexterity these quilting designs with easily approachable practice under our mentioned guidance.

Beautiful quilts are likely to fabricate in 12 fat quarters to obey the current demand of fashionable families to decorate their room ornately. However it can be obtained in 9 or 6 quarters which are definitely marvelous in look. These days, improvement in textile designing has incorporated flexible patterns and unbelievable sewing techniques for different quilts development. We have classified here a distinctive quilting pattern known as best and easy quilt patterns using fat quarters. The elaborative designs are lined up along with remarkable pictures in the gallery to lead you clear reference. Subsequent assortments are the gathering of grand ideas as you have learned Free Quilt Patterns Using Jelly Rolls as well.

Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners Using Fat Quarters

Although most of stuffs we used are routine fabrics, but it is patterned in noticeable designs by using good mix of lights and darks color scheme. So we can say the patterns are faultless for your much loved bundle or for mixing and toning left over fat quarters from a variety of stuffs. What is even better? You can avail various size and designs options for fat quarter quilts in below collection. Let us to have quick overview to pick up ideas to fabricate these interesting quilt outlays in various patterns.

Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners to Download

Fat quarters refer to use pre cut strips in triangular or square dimension which are corresponded over a cotton fabric. It looks highly charming and invigorating with comfortable colorful wide strips of different stuff. Let to learn how it can be obtained.

  • To get this idea, you need polyester for middle batting layer, scissors, matching threads, needle with wide eye and sewing machine.
  • Take six to eight feet plane cotton or velvet fabric of equal width and length.
  • Gather the sampling of printed fat quarters in geometric or linear shape.
  • By allocating placement on the main fabric, align them with needles first.
  • Now use the sewing machine and fix them with the matching thread.
  • Repeat the same method on the other layer of fabric and join them and apply a batting layer inside to give it strength.
  • The corners are lined with piping with inner folds or you can furnish them with double stitches.
  • Thus you can apply bars of pre cut fat quarters on the cotton fabric to obtain a magnificent quilt which will surely energize your room outlook. You can master this fun art with little practice.

Few Pictures of Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners Using Fat Quarters


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