How to Get Brunette Hair Color Naturally – 4 Unique Tips

Women prefer to use natural ways to dye hair instead of chemically made products. In this article, we are going to spotlight how to get brunette hair color naturally. Hair is one of the most important features of human skull that requires great care while applying color on it. Many females have skin sensitive to allergies caused by chemicals and oxidants present in market products. Our methods are cost effective and easy to formulate at home. Brunette hair is always in vogue due to its high appeal. They have different shades including beach brown, honey brown, medium ash brown and golden brown. You can select the color which best suits your skin complexion and augments your personality. We have also showcased magnificent images with brief description in the gallery to give you clear insight. Let us check out various reliable and easy natural ways to get different shades of brunette color respectively.

How to Get Brunette Hair Color Naturally

Using Black Tea

Black tea is considered as the easiest way to get brown shade. Tea is found in every kitchen so you can take black tea bags or fresh tea grains. Usually the amount of tea you needed is 3 to 5 tea bags and keeps it brewing with one liter water in a pot until a dark color appears. Now stain this concentrated liquid in a cup. Let it cool. Before applying, shampoo your hair first. Comb your hair and pick the lock of hair to experiment it to avoid any allergic reaction. Keep your hair locks in tea cup for ten minutes and wait for results. If there is no sign of side reaction, you can continue with rest of hair. You can use a brush to thickly damp your hair in the tea concoctions. Cover your hair with shower cap for two hours. After this, rinse off tea color with clear water. It will bring a fresh brunette shade in your smooth hair with a natural glow. You can condition your hair to endorse a soft touch. You can repeat the process twice a month to yield better results.

Applying Walnut Hulls Paste

Walnut hull contains organic ingredients which will give your hair a dark luster. To get a strong honey caramel shade, start with crushing the walnut hulls first. Pour these hulls in boiling water and allow soaking for three days in a non metallic pan. As it swells by maximum absorption, take a pan and pour these damp hulls with three cups of water. Boil this solution for thirty minutes. It will turn into a homogenous mixture. Stain it to get granule free liquid which you can store in a bottle. Repeatedly apply this walnut hull reservoir through your hair to acquire the desired brunette color. You have to use plastic gloves before applying to avoid any stain. You have to keep your hair moist with this solution at least for two hours to get quick effect. Wash it with fresh water. You will definitely feel a natural glow and shiny brunette color in your beautiful hair.

Use of Dried Rosemary

Another very profound method to get brunette shade is by using dried leaves of rosemary. Pour one cup of dried rosemary and one cup of dried sage with four cup of water simultaneously in a pan. Boil it for ten minutes. Now allow it to be soaked for two hours. After this, use the strainer to obtain pure solution. Apply this through your hair across the entire length. Cover them with shower cap for an hour and rinse it with tab water. This is a chemical free natural way to get stunning hair in brunette dark shade.

Using Coffee Grains

One of the most effective ways to inculcate brunette hair color is by using coffee grains. To pursue this idea, you have to simmer coffee grains with water in a pan. As it turns into a thick solution, stain the whole liquid in some pot and let it cool. Now soak your hair in this liquid for two hours. After it, wash your hair with fresh water. Keep in mind that you have to shampoo your hair before applying this coffee liquid. Periodic use will result in better outcomes. You will feel a real difference in your hair color after continuous use of this method.

To sum up above discussion, we can conclude that your hair demands special protection and care to maintain its health. The coloring products contain toxic chemicals and scents which can damage your hair. So you can use these natural ways to color your hair in brunette shade with minimal effort. We hope that above mentioned creative ideas about How to Get Brunette Hair Color Naturally will be productive for you.

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