5 Steps How to Have Perfect Eyebrows without Makeup

How to Have Perfect Eyebrows without Makeup
5 Steps How to Have Perfect Eyebrows without Makeup

Eyes are most important part of the body and eyebrows are most important part of the eyes. Both are important each other for face beautification. In this post you can know about factual 5 steps how to have perfect eyebrows without makeup. Big, bold brows are absolutely having their moment now. Just look at celebrities like Camilla Belle and Cara Delavigne. Luckily, you can already make your own brows look as gorgeous as theirs even without an A-list makeup team to help you. We have showcased few closely relevant images to educate the tutorial well.

This page includes effective makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Are you ready to go through for five important steps to smarten your eyes? Okay! Let see.

Step 1 – Clean Your Face with Coconut Oil

Do you want to beautify your eyes by natural measures? Coconut oil is most essential for this. Before starting with your plan to get those perfect eyebrows, first of all wash your face, and then look for an area where you can get plenty of natural light. Make sure that you have your mirror and your angled tweezers at hand so you can immediate. One thing is important to keep in mind, always use pure coconut oil, avoid using chemical mixed oil.
Clean Your Face with Coconut Oil

Step 2 – Get the Placement of Your Brows

2ndly forming your brows are to know its exact placement. Use your finger rightly to feel where exactly your brow bones are, it’s the ridge that’s between your eye socket and lower forehead. Your eyebrows should directly sit over this bone and all there is left to do is to tweeze the hair that fell beyond your brow bones. Work back and forth between your brows though, to ensure that they are evenly done. For better understanding study the image below.
Get the Placement of Your Brows

Step 3 – Subtly Shape Your Arch

In determining your brows lines, make your arch 2/3 on the way out of your brow bone. Expose a bit of your brow bones at first, keeping your brows a little thicker, since you will still be able to remove more hair later if you want to. Following picture is perfect guide line to shape your arch exactly.
Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Step 4 - How to Fill in Gaps in Your Eyebrows

This is importantly note able, if you have any eyebrow gaps or scars in the brow area, use an eyebrow pencil to create short strokes in the course of your hair growth and then combine it using a spoolie. Makeup experts also advised to pick your pencil shade based on the darkest part of your brows, which is in the mid-area of your eyebrows. Let see following picture.
How to Fill in Gaps in Your Eyebrows

Step 5 – Set Your Eyebrow Look

In shaping your eyebrows, use a flexibly hold brow gel to ensure that they stay flawless and in place throughout the day. This step is particularly important for working ladies because they need solid measure which can help to have sticky look of eyebrows as shown in below picture.
Set Your Eyebrow Look

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