How to Propose a Beautiful Muslim Girl for Marriage?

Muslim girls for marriage are highly sensitive and searching topics in current days. This article gives proper guidelines how to propose a beautiful Muslim girl for marriage and events reviews? As you know Islam is a complete code of life and it guides the man in all aspects of life overall. Getting marriage is also an important aspect in the girl and guy’s life.

How to Propose a Muslim Girl for Marriage

Muslim Girls for Marriage

In Islam, man and woman both are lined up within few limits whether the man wants getting marriage or Muslim girls looking for marriage with men.

How to Propose a Muslim Girl for Marriage

3 Major Initiatives for Muslim Girl & Boy’s Marriage

  1. If a man wants to get married, and he has decided to propose to a particular woman, then he may go to her guardian on his own, or with one of his relatives such as his father or brother, or he may delegate someone else to propose marriage on his behalf. The matter is broad in scope, and prevalent customs should be followed. In some countries it is regarded as improper for the suitor to go on his own, so attention should be paid to that.
  2. If the girl and her family agree, then a Haq-mahr has to be agreed upon, and the wedding expenses and the wedding date, and so on. It depends accordingly to local customs, and what the man can afford and what preparations he has made for getting married. Some people do the proposal and the marriage contract in one sitting, and some delay the marriage contract after the engagement, and some they delay the consummation after the marriage contract. All of that is permissible. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did the marriage contract with ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) when she was six years old then he consummated the marriage with her when she was nine. Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5158).
  3. Get married holding wedding ceremony under the Islamic laws. There is no special clothing to be worn for the engagement, wedding or consummation, for either the man or the woman. Attention should be paid to what the people are accustomed to with regard to that, so long as it is not contrary to sharee’ah. Based on that, there is nothing wrong with the man wearing a suit and so on. The walima is sunnah after reciting the Nikah.


Muslim Marriage Events Reviews

How to Propose a Muslim Girl for Marriage

In this segment we are going to discuss Muslim marriage culture and event’s celebration reviews for Pakistan, India and other Islam world. Main characteristics of Muslim marriage culture & event are consent of the competent parties, presence of witnesses, wali and dower (Mehr) to wife. No ceremony or ritual is required for a valid Muslim marriage contract.

However, Muslims examine colorful marriage adornments which are different culture wise depending upon their local cultures. Most of the wedding customs are innocent in nature while some are against basic principles of Islamic marriage jurisprudence.

How to Propose a Muslim Girl for Marriage

You know the Muslim marriages are famous for the best in inviting and welcoming the guests. This kind of Muslim marriage event celebration provides people a chance to entertain guests in bulk and strengthen their social bonds. Not only bride, groom and their families but also neighbors and their friends enjoy marriage event with different rituals.

How to Propose a Muslim Girl for Marriage

Muslim marriage event review shows us, it is famous for the best in inviting and welcoming the guests. Wedding customs give them a chance to entertain guests in bulk. Muslim marriage can take place at any convenient time. Also the marriage venue can be the bride or groom’s house. The event of Muslim girls for marriage brings a chain of inspirations and excitements in Islamic families.


Commonalities in Muslim Girls for Marriage Celebrations

There may be variation in wedding celebration in Muslim families area to area, however what are commonalities celebrating the event you can review here.

Welcoming the Marriage Procession

How to Propose a Muslim Girl for Marriage

As being a groom, you are supposed to go to the bride’s house with your friends and family in the shape of a marriage procession which is called ‘Barat’ in India and Pakistan. The bride’s family receives the Barat with a warm welcome. The sisters and female cousins of the bride may play a number of welcoming enjoyments to take pleasure in marriage event. You are required to offer them gifts in certain situations. They offer milk to the groom and demand some gift which the groom generally pays with cash. Similarly, you should be watchful as some girls may hide your shoes for some gift. Such naughty games add a lot of color to the marriage event.

Delivery of Sermon

How to Propose a Muslim Girl for Marriage

The event ceremony starts with delivery of a sermon by a Qazi or Imam. Though his services are not required at all for a valid Muslim marriage contract but traditionally no Muslim marriage is conducted without such a sermon.

In Pakistan Nikah registrars not only register the marriages but also deliver the sermon. It not only gives a sacred character to the marriage but also helps the families to announce the marriage. A sermon may even be delivered by someone from the families of bride or groom.

Serving Party by the Bride’s Father/Brothers

How to Propose a Muslim Girl for Marriage

After sermon ceremony, the father of bride offers some drinks or food as per his financial capacity. There is a law in Pakistan which prohibits heavy spending on such marriage parties. If the bride’s father does not offer a lunch or a dinner, the groom or his family has no right to ask the same.

Welcoming of Bride

When the groom brings the bride to his home for the first time, the whole family, close relatives and the neighbors welcome the bride and offer gifts and cash. The mother and sisters of the groom play a number of colorful games.

Celebrating Valimah

Valima is a name given to Muslim marriage banquet which is offered by the groom on the next day of marriage. Some claim it a Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) and it is used to announce the marriage. The relatives, neighbors and friends are invited. However, lavish spending should be avoided. In a Muslim marriage culture, the husband welcomes the male guests and wife welcomes the female guests. Then they mingle with their respective gatherings.

Summarizing the whole discussion how to propose a Muslim girl for marriage and getting marriage under Islamic laws and event/cultural traditions, we have discussed in details. The article is comprehensive to make your excitements more invigorating.

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