5 Latest & New Nail Art Designs 2017

Nails are one of the most beautiful extensions of human which invigorates the beauty of hands if they are decorated well. This post targets few latest & new nail art designs in an inspiring way to enjoy 2017 fashion trends. When we talk about nail art, creativity just flows from our brain to our hands. Nowadays, a wide variety of items are in use to draw stylish patterns on nails for example beads, rhinestone and other fancy material. A remarkable picture gallery is also published here in order to give you clear ideas.

Initially, nails were painted with henna but with the passage of time, transformation occurred in fashion perception and the professionals come up with modern ways to adorn nails. Particularly, young girls take it as a fun and experiment with innovative methods to beautify their nail cuticles. Nail art has attained the status of a separate fashion segment and girls make over is incomplete without nail furnishings.

It is equally popular among both eastern and western countries with traditional and classic designs. Beautiful nail art gives you distinguish stature in any gathering and make you more gorgeous. You can easily try these excellent nail art designs with our guidance on your own without any difficulty.

You simply need nail brushes, gum and few nail paints with base coats. So get ready to make your hands just lovely and attractive. All these patterns are exceedingly recognized among celebrities and collected after thorough research so be confident to change your looks as you implement these fabulous ideas.

Latest & New Nail Art Designs 2015

French Nail Art Designs

It is one of the most entertaining cool nail designs which you can draw with perfection on your own. To illustrate it, first of all apply pink nail paint on your nail surface which is properly cut in definite shape. Now take a white base coat and paint the corners of nails starting from tip to the middle smoothly. As it get dry, apply transparent shiny nail color over this for final touch. This will give your hands a soft and romantic look. With little practice, you can be a master of this charming French nail art.

French Nail Art Design’s Pictures


Galaxy Nail Art Designs

Another very fabulous nail art especially for night parties comprises of galaxy style. To acquire this idea, paint your nails with a base coat first. After it, apply a thick black paint color over your nail surface. As it get dry, spread the tiny stars in gel liquid so it can adhere to the nails. It looks shiny and perfect for night functions or for prom dancing. Once you have employed this nail design, you will just love your hands.

Galaxy Nail Art Design’s Pictures


Wavy Rainbow Nail Designs

Many girls love to play with colors so this is another smart choice in this category. To invigorate this idea, you have to apply a base coat over your nails. Now take three to four dark colors of rainbow and fabricate waves in symmetrical linear shape over the base coat. You can try either horizontal or vertical waves depending upon your personal choice. In the end, furnish your nails with transparent paint color. Your hands will look fantastic in this nail art design. Besides, you can also use matching colors according to your dress.

Wavy Rainbow Nail Design’s Pictures


Golden Dotted Nail Art Design

Another very classy nail art in this array is golden dots pattern which gives your hands an awesome outlook. For this, you have to apply matte nail paint of any strong color for example black, red or purple. After painting one of nail color among these, take a thin nail brush and spread the golden nail paint in circular motion to draw tiny dots. You can draw these dots either towards the exterior or posterior nail surface. You can shape your finger nails in multiple dot patterns which looks just fantastic.

Golden Dotted Nail Art Design’s Pictures


Studded Nail Art Design

In this highly modern world, creativity has no boundaries. The studded nail art is the latest nail art design in this dimension. You can accessorize your nails with antique studs or motifs to have a fancy and gleaming outlook. For this, paint your nails with a base coat. As it gets dry, apply any soft color nail paint. Now take nail stick and gum and fix the tiny studs over the nail surface. You can go for this nail art for any function or celebrations. On the other hand, you can also apply some sparkling rhinestones over glitter nail paints which also look very pretty and splendid.

Studded Nail Art Design’s Pictures


To summarize, we can conclude that your nails play a vital role to augment your personality and can make you centre of attention if they are well painted. We hope that our provocative latest and new nail art trends will be productive for you in the long run. If you want to make our work more commendable, we warmly welcome you to write your suggestions in the comment box.

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