Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actress of All Time

Seeing that one of the most successful countries in the world, respectively in the field of entertainment and movies, China undoubtedly is a haven of some most beautiful, successful, popular and the sexiest actresses all time. The entertainment is not only dominated by actresses from America or Western countries. There are also many celebrities from the east who are admirable to mention, not only because of their performance realization, but also because of their beauty and attractiveness.

Most Beautiful Chinese Actress of All Time

Among thousands of most PRETTIEST & BEAUTIFUL ASIAN CELEBRITIES/ACTRESSES/MODELS, I would like to list out here Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses. These Chinese celebs skyrocketed to their careers around the world, within the country and worldwide as well.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actress of All Time

These days, the people and the media, is center lining a lot on American actresses and handsome Chinese celebrities in Hollywood. Sure, they are the most beautiful, artistic and brilliant.

What is the actual reason for people’s excitement about the Chinese girls and people are discovering the superb Chinese beauty? It is because of the fans love their delicate features, their porcelain skins, balanced physic lines and their mysterious yet pleasant air. Even though Chinese are famous for their food, you will be pleased to discover that they also have many eye candies. Let to know more about top ten best, famous and most beautiful Chinese actresses representing well MOST BEAUTIFUL ASIAN WOMEN.

List of Top 10 Chinese Actresses

1 – Xu Jinglei

Xu Jinglei as Most Beautiful Chinese Actress of All Time

Xu Jinglei, born April 16, 1974, is a Chinese actress and film director. She got her graduation degree from Beijing Film Academy in 1997. She has also spanned an acting career with directing since 2003.

Although Xu Jinglei is at the age of 40+ but still she look so gorgeous and attractive. Her girlish look makes her eye focusing. How much she is beautiful, let to see below.

Xu Jinglei Pictures

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