Top 10 New Easy Nail Art Designs 2016 Gallery

Astonishing ideas collection for new easy nail art designs for 2016 picture gallery is available here to follow up the latest designs to beautify the hands. This article brings some distinguishing and invigorating new look of nail polish introduced by famous designers recently.

New Easy Nail Art Designs

You know easy and simple nail art designs can be obtained with all different colors and patterns. Bright colors, neon’s, and pastels are faultless for creating new look of nail art. You can also add just about any design from basic lines and shapes to more complex all season themed pictures. But, we are just going to stick with some easy nail art designs for 2016. Most of these can be designed with nail polish and nail art tools you already have. The designs may look complex at first glance, but if you look a little closer, you will see that they are really latest but easy and simple to do.

Have to some nail art inspiration? Get ready for some manicure magic as I carry you the most modern and easiest nail designs, patterns, colours and creations from celebrities, beauty brands and the catwalks.

1 – Sunny Days Nails

Latest Best New Easy Sunny Days Nail Art Designs

Yellow colour is a beloved shade of mostly women. Sunny yellow may not be the first shade you reach for when doing your nails, but a funky negative space manicure like sunny days nail pattern could make you warm up to a canary color. You can see the lusciousness of sunny nail art from the relevant image getting inspiration.

2 – Pretty Pink Nail Designs

Pretty Pink New Cute Nail Designs

Taking into consideration one of the top prettiest shades of pink, this cool calm features an accent nail that’s three-dimensional. Have you ever seen a better use of the stiletto nail shade? Neither have we. Right now you can.

3 – Flip Side Nails

Beautiful Flip Side New Easy Nail Art Designs

It is not important how you can paint your nail; the important thing is how you choose the shade?  Your undersides can be incorporated, too! Play it calm and neutral in a exposed nail color on top, then add a vivid tangerine shade to the underside.

4 – Chevron Nails Design

Best and Pretty Chevron Nails Art Design

Find and save ideas about Chevron Nail Designs on, the world’s unique catalog of ideas. Lengthen short nails and make use of all your favorite polishes to highlight the chevron design that stacks up different shades with special look, look at the image. Colour choice depends on your own taste.

5 – Zig-Zag Nail Art Design

Zig-Zag Nail Art Design

It is simple and easy to make because zig-zag art is wildly beautiful art that does not force you to over claim. You can also use decals or design imprints to ensure that all your nails have a fabulous appear. Take your nail art to the next level with a new modern and easy zig-zag nail design that’s absolutely worth a little extra time.

6 – Neon Nail Art Designs

New & Modern Neon Nail Art Designs

The neon nail art design is coming on the top for the upcoming season also this is one of the best fashion trends for new season. Pink neon nail is a choice of spring. Look at the minty green middles, tickle-me-pink tips, and negative space moons make this dazzling, bold manicure a winner all around.

7 – Best Pastel Nail Polish Colors

Best Pastel Nail Polish Colors

Get ready to choose best one pastel nail color to lighten up your look for upcoming season staying with the gallery here. Unquestionably this geometric design is totally modern, but the muted shades keep it from looking over the top. This is really a flashy design that can invigorate your hand look calmly. Yellow, pink and greenish are the most favorite colours.

8 – Tie-Dye Nail Technique

Tie-Dye Nail Technique

Tie-dye nail technique is also called nail marbling and a technique that creates swirls of color on each nail. I personally love this design. Really it is full versatility and modern values. The design is known hottest design for summer. Making stripes are fun, but trying to make them extremely ideal can feel a little inflexible for summer. Take a break from straight lines and try this cute tie-dye manicure instead.

9 – Star Nail Designs

Beautiful and Modern Star Nail Designs

Basically star nail design is crazier design for fun lover ladies due to its distinguishing look and easy to make. Combine your devotion and your love for wonderful nail art with this ultra-cool appear. Review and save ideas about Star Nail Designs to have changed look event to event. Black, while, red, blue and purple colors have great combination on the design.

10 – Pastel Purple Nail Design

Pastel Purple Nail Design

Look truthfully at an astonishing nail color – PASTEL PURPLE NAIL DESIGN – that is unique in look, easy to do and new in nail art fashion. When you use a delicate pastel base color and make your beloved print like apple, banana, cartoon with a chic shade of purple, they look more sophisticated and enjoyable.

Finally, doing nail art at home isn’t as hard as you think. Our subsequent top 10 best, cool, modern, hottest, new nail art design gallery provides you the chance of most accurate nail colours you love. Stay with us and find out the ideas about Nail Art Designs from gallery, the world’s catalog of ideas.

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