How to Propose Pakistani Girls for Marriage?

How to propose Pakistani girls for marriage is a question that has become importantly to answer from last decades while reporting an increasing ratio of divorce. Every Pakistani guy looks willing to marry a girl who go with him lifetime exemplifying well mutual understanding.

Pakistani Girls for Marriage

How to Propose Pakistani Girls for Marriage

A conscious guy compares and analyzes many things in a girl to be making her life partner. If he finds such a girl and falls in love with that girl, the next step is how he should propose the girl for marriage. Proposing a girl for marriage is a weighty thought no matter where you live.

There is a lot of pressure on a guy to propose the right way at the right time. If you are proposing to a Pakistani girl, the proposal and marriage process is different from a western marriage proposal. Pakistan traditionally and conventional deals with arranged marriages, however, in recent years marriages for love have become more common. Most loving relationship deals with arranged. The proposal traditions are the same whether you are going to love marriage or arrange marriage, let to know how?

1 – Proposal for Arrange Marriage

Arrange marriage in Pakistan is highly successful marriage because it includes mutal understanding and relationship of the adulthood of both families. Arrangements are usually done within families or ethnic groups by the bride and groom’s parents. You will be notified of your arrangement by your family and the date is fixed getting marriage.

How to Propose Pakistani Girls for Marriage

2 – Ask for Girl’s Father

If you love a Pakistani girl and want to have marriage relationship, you should send a proposal directly girl’s father or brother, asking the for his daughter’s hand in marriage. This is polite whether planning an arranged marriage or a love-based marriage. The father may ask you about your career goals, education history and family plans. Once you have the father’s approval, you may continue with the engagement.

How to Propose Pakistani Girls for Marriage

3 – Ask the Bride

Ask the bride-to-be for her hand in marriage. Girl’s father/mother or brother/sister can ask about the proposal to take the bride’s consent. Although it is an optional step, as it is not a traditional Pakistani custom but currently it is becoming more common. Usually, as love-based marriages overtake arranged marriages. The father of the bride might prefer you don’t do this, but if he doesn’t mind and you’d like to propose this way, go ahead.

How to Propose Pakistani Girls for Marriage

4 – Planning an Engagement Party

After building up a mutual relationship and understanding between both families, an engagement or mangni party is celebrated where marriage arrangements are decided. This is a code of intimation and announcement that who boy and girl are going to marriage. Mangni is the official engagement party where the groom-to-be asks the future bride to marry him.

How to Propose Pakistani Girls for Marriage

5 – Marriage Arrangements

After building up a mutual relationship and understanding between both families, marriage arrangements are decided. These are traditionally small gatherings that only the immediate family of the bride and groom attend. If you would prefer a larger party, you can plan for that as well. During this party, prayers and blessings are given to the couple. Sometimes the parties last for several days.

How to Propose Pakistani Girls for Marriage

Finalizing the basic steps how to propose Pakistani girls for marriage, there are many other celebrations, festivities such as menhdi, mayun etc which are becoming important in Pakistan. Explaining the searching term “Pakistani Girls for Marriage”, Pakistani girls really have the qualities to be the best wives comparing the other world.

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