Sanam Javed Khan Latest News, ATC Orders to Release

Latest news from ATC is here. Court has ordered to release Sanam Javed Khan and several other PTI workers involved in the Jinnah House attack case on 9th May 2023.

Sanam Javed Khan Latest News, ATC Orders to Release from Jail

Sanam Javed Khan, a leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), and others who are involved in the case of the Jinnah House attack have been released by the anti-terrorism court.

The court has granted bail to nine individuals accused in the case, including Sanam Javed, Rubina Jamil, Afshan Tariq, and others. Judge Arshad Javed made this decision after they provided surety bonds of Rs 100,000 each.

The Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) also approved bail for other people, including Rubina Jameel, Asma Shuja, Shah Bano, Syed Faisal Akhtar, Qasim, Ali Hasan, and Hussain Qadri, who were arrested in connection with the same case.

Earlier this year, there were protests by PTI workers and leaders who vandalized the Lahore Corps Commander’s residence, known as Jinnah House, following the arrest of Imran Khan in a corruption case in May.

These protesters also caused damage to civil and military properties in various cities like Peshawar, Sialkot, and Multan. Security authorities took action against those involved in attacking and damaging military properties, leading to the arrest of several PTI leaders from Punjab, including former minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

As a result of the arson case that occurred on May 9, an activist and fervent supporter of the PTI, Sanam Javed, has been arrested. After her arrest, violent clashes erupted throughout the country as a result of the unexpected arrest of the PTI leader by the police in Lahore.

What Happened to Sanam Javed Khan?

Widespread violent clashes erupted across Pakistan following the arrest of Imran Khan, the former prime minister and leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, at the Islamabad High Court. Protests occurred in both remote and major cities, driven by the agitation of party members over their chairman’s arrest.

To restore law and order, Balochistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Islamabad called upon the armed forces for assistance.

During one of the PTI workers’ protests, Army installations and the residence of the Corps Commander in Lahore were targeted. Additionally, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Operations Ali Nasir Rizvi suffered severe injuries while attempting to clear the situation.

Sanam Javed Khan along with several other women workers of the PTI were also arrested for their involvement in the case.

According to the information available, Judge Ejaz Ahmad Bhuttar, presiding over an anti-terrorism court, delivered a verdict in the Jinnah House attack case involving 230 suspects. In this ruling, he denied bail requests from PTI activists such as Aliya Hamza, Sanam Javed Khan, Tayyaba Raja, and 197 others.

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