5 Effective Tips to Get Canadian Visa

If you want to avoid the rejection of Canadian visa, must read subsequent 5 basic effective tips to get Canadian Visa. If you follow the prescribed unique ways while applying the visa and appearing for interview in the front of Visa Officer’s window, certainly you have a maximum chance of getting visa. Click for More Information

Tips to Get Canadian Visa

How to Apply & Get Canadian Visa

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The following tips will reduce chances of rejection of the Canada visit visa. You assure the visa officer that you are genuine applicant going to the Canada for genuine purpose mentioned in the application.  You must also establish without any doubts that you have the means to financially support and you will leave Canada at the end of authorized stay due to your strong cultural, social and financial ties in your country. The following tips will reduce chances of rejection of the Canada visit visa.

1 – Complete Application Form

It is a truth, a number of applications for Canadian visa are declined because the application forms are not completely filled or applicant forgot to sign the application forms as per visa policy. If a question does not apply to you, you can write not applicable. You should never leave any section of the application form blank.  Before you submit your application forms, you should ask your friend or family member to review the forms to ensure completeness of visit visa application.

2 – Avoid Providing Incorrect Information

Make sure to providing information on the Canada visa application form or submitting supporting documents, always be truthful and provide correct documents. Providing incorrect information will not increase your chances of approval. You may be barred to enter Canada for a period of time if visa officer finds about your lies and forged documents. Submitting forged documents will only diminish the credibility of your application and refused for misrepresentation.

3 – Submit Maximum Supporting Documents

How to Apply & Get Canadian Visa

Getting the visa officer convinced, you must submit the maximum supporting documents assuring the Embassy you will leave the Canada after your allowed stay. You must provide all the documents in the checklist provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. However, just submitting those documents you may not be able to convince the visa officer that you are a genuine visitor and your intention is only to stay in Canada for short period and will return after the authorized stay in Canada. You must submit as many documents as possible to support your Canada visa application.

Furthermore, if you are being invited to visit a friend or family member in Canada, then you will be submitting an invitation letter. The invitation letter must include personal information of you and your friend or family member, detail of your visit and contact details of the person on Canada. It is necessary if the visa officer decide to contact the person who has invited to you. The invitation letter must be notarized by a notary public in Canada.

4 – Get Authorized Consultancy

How to Apply & Get Canadian Visa

Preparing documents, applying for visa, appearing for interview all these things strongly concerns with professional approaches. It will be highly beneficial to consult a professional and honest consultant who knows complete and proper channel who to apply visa exactly? Although internet access may give you huge effective information, but consultant’s practice gives you an authentic support.

It gets more importance if you have decide to use the services of an immigration consultant to act as a representative, please ensure that immigration lawyer is registered with the law society and immigration consultant is member of Immigration Consultant of Canada Regularity Council (ICCRC). Using the services of unauthorized representative will result in refusal of your application for Canada visit visa. Our immigration consultant is member of ICCRC.

5 – Appear for Interview with Confidence

Your body language speaks a volume while you are interviewing to the Visa Officer and confidence is basic element to show your body language smooth and positive. Canadian Embassy looks more conscious regarding this ability. During interview, your documents, your accessories, your dressing, body language and manners are the biggest approaches whether you are being awarded visa or rejected. So prepare yourself absolutely before appearing visa officer.

Consequently all above mentioned 5 tips to get Canadian visa are effective and practical, believe me mostly applicants are rejected due to lake of any one quality from these 5s. If you appear in Canadian embassy getting yourself fully prepared with these 5 basic manners, your visa getting chance increases up to 75% and it is practical.

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