Top 10 Best Mens Dress Shoes Brands 2016

Perfect and accurate selection of dress shoes is highly important augmenting the overall getup of a guy. Here you can find out top 10 best mens dress shoes brands that are comfortable and well looking for upcoming year 2016. Simply we can say dress shoes are equally important whether for mens or womens.

Top 10 Best Mens Dress Shoes Brands


In overall scenario of choosing perfect dress shoes pair, the color, material, shape and Top 10 Best Mens Dress Shoes Brands 2016 design must match and inflection the outfit. Failing to do so can mess up even the nicest of tuxes. Knowing what goes nicely together is more of an art than a science, and is one of the reasons so many fashion blogs and magazines exist. However, consumers can find a good all-around pair for a few outfits with a little background information. The main brands to look for when buying formal dress shoes are Oxfords, Wingtips, Loafers, Dress Boots, and Monks that are really beautiful in look, comfy in wearing. You can find these shoes in high-end retailers, department stores, or with a quick search on eBay or Amazon.

Allen-edmonds Men's Park Avenue Oxford Dress Classics

1 – Allen-edmonds Men’s Park Avenue Oxford Dress Classics

The Allen Edmond Park Avenue is a beautiful classic Oxford dress shoes brand that is good for any ceremonial occasion or office wear. Oxfords, also known as Balmorals, are the standard for most dressy occasions, and going around away from an Oxford is almost always a slight step down in straightforwardness, well looking and formality.

Allen-edmonds Park Avenue Oxford is a plain shoe brand traditionally made from leather, but recent, within the scientific advancements, Oxfords have incorporated suede or synthetic materials as well. They are always a low instep, with closed lacing and a non-rubber Sole. Its designs and colors can be matched well any form of formal wearing, but fashion designers recommend always having both standard brown and black pairs that are looking natural gorgeousness.

Allen Edmond dress shoes takes pride in their best-selling shoe and brags that only the top materials make up their desired line of shoes. A quick glance proves they can serve as anything from an easy-going office shoe to one that easily pairs with the most formal of outfits, including a nice fitted tux for an evening at the opera. Allen Edmond Park Avenue shoes are unquestionably best and well looking stuff for office going mens, look at image provided.

2 – Ferragamo Mens Oxfords

Ferragamo Mens Oxfords Dress Shoes

Second one dress shoes brand in top 10 best and comfy shoes pair is Ferragamo Oxfords for men’s use. This is brand that is found always on advance demand on the stores due to its endless sale whether online or physically.

The Italian company Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the world leaders in shoemaking, and their Oxford is their pride and joy. Constantly topping the dress shoe charts, they even hold a spot on ableading men’s fashion magazine’s favorite shoes page for being a dress shoe that men dream about.

Ferragamo Oxfords dress shoes are unquestionably best and well looking stuff for office going mens, look at image provided to examine its gorgeousness. Luxuriously looking this brand can be worn during special ceremonial occasions and to go office or meeting as well. Choice of colors is possible while shopping this brand.

3 – Ferragamo Mens Wingtips

Ferragamo Mens Wingtips Dress Shoes

Third one in the top 10 best and comfortable well looking men’s shoes are Ferragam Wingtips. According to many consumers, the only contender that the Ferragamo Oxford has is the Ferragamo wingtip. The shoemakers attach majestic calfskin to leather sole to craft theFerragamo wingtip dress shoes.

Why Ferragamo Mens Wingtips stand top? Over-the-top quality, well looking, outstanding comfort and feel, and precision every step of the way separates Ferragamo from other dress shoe available in the market. Ferragamo Wingtips are highly similar shaped to Oxfords, but come with a distinct wavy pattern on the toe cap. Most wingtips are derby shoes decorated with brogue leather.

The comparison between wingtips and Oxfords plays into the fact that they are the both most formal and most favorable styles of dress shoes wearable with dress clothing. It is natural then that Ferragamo, being one of the most-loved dress shoe companies in the world, holds the title of having one of the top wingtips on the market. Look at the image for better assessment.

4 – Allen Edmond New Orleans Woven Dress Shoes

Allen Edmond New Orleans Woven Dress Shoes

This is another most relaxing and durable personality mounting dress shoes pair standing 4th in top 10 men’s dress footwear. Vibrantly crafted material and color tones surely give a splendid appearance to the wearers.

As Allen Edmond and Salvatore Ferragamo are so popular placed this brand on many websites to sell online, it is no surprise to see Allen Edmond receive recognition for their New Orleans brand. This shoe gives a feeling of southern summer pride, even earning recognition in the past from Mark Twain for its unique style.

Allen Edmond New Orleans brand takes a tad more work to bring into formal dressing, but when done correctly it shows up an ideal explode for any look. Since black is always the more formal color and black makes the design a little harder to see, it is able to go with more kinds of attire than other colors. The brown New Orleans, with its eye-catching design, gives the outfit an extra highlight to draw more attention to the viewers.

5 – Mezlan Double or Single Monk Shoes

Mezlan Double or Single Monk Shoes

This most dazzling and luxurious dress shoes, brand name is Mezlan Monk Shoes and it is available in single as well as double monk strap designs. The pair is really versatile in look and comfy in wearing.

The monk shoe has no lacing and instead uses a buckle and strap to fit the shoe onto the foot. The one or two buckle monks are typically less formal than an Oxford or wingtip. Suede and brogue are popular options, but leather is still the classic monk look.

The Mezlan Monk sets itself aside from standard monks in that it looks as if the designer crossbred them with a boot. The thin look and over-exaggerated toe cap make the foot look leaner and longer in elegance of style. Mezlan offers one of the widest ranges of colors and designs, from standard black or brown to checker or a tarnished brown with a brogue toe cap. Mezlan prides itself on its interesting design and mix of classic accessories with a contemporary touch.

6 – Gucci Leather Lace-up Shoes

Gucci Leather Lace-up Shoes

Gucci is also world’s largest outfit producer from and Gucci Leather Lace-up Shoes brand is its pride mounting the wearer’s individuality. Due to increasingly demand traditional/online Gucci leather dress shoes brand looks one of the top 10 best mens dress shoes brands 2016.

While someone reviews Gucci shoes brand in fashion styles, it is no wonder their leather lace-up is popular. Lace-up shoes are those that require a shoe string to tie and can include anything from wingtips to Oxfords to even casual shoes.

Gucci have a preference to list their types of shoe based on color, material, and if they are lace-up or not. Along with characteristic colors, Gucci brings some remarkable color patterns and combinations to break up the tedium of everyday black and brown, both are really exotic colors.

7 – John Lobb Bespoke Dress Shoes

John Lobb Bespoke Dress Shoes

John Lobb Bespoke is also one of the top 10 dress shoes brand for guys available online and physically. The brand is serving with passion from last 150 years, having a sky touching line of trust by consumers. It mix up the line of profession and passion nicely.

John Lobb brand opened in London 150 years ago, making high quality, durable, comfortable and hand-stitched shoes. Currently only having locations in London and Paris, they create fewer than 100 pairs of shoes per day due to how much time they put into each individual shoe. It makes mentioned distinct producing elegant dress footwear.

At one point in time, the whole family would work only on one shoe at a time to ensure it was up to their standards. With the high concentration to detail and the unmatched effort the company puts into each shoe, the John Lobb Bespoke is a well-dressed, stylish and contemporary dress shoes. A wide variety of colors and designs is available.

8 – Ferragamo Derby Shoes for Men

Ferragamo Derby Shoes for Men

Browse the top ten best looking and comfortable dress shoe men’s list, you will find a spotted name Ferragamo Derby Shoes which are highly comfy, on demand and exotic due to its vibrant colors, flexible crafting and relax in wearing.

Ferragamo Derby shoes, also known as bucks, Blucher, or Gibson shoes, are more on the casual side of dress shoes. Derby shoes have an open stitch, which means the shoelace eyelet tabs are on top of a single-piece vamp. Oxfords, on the other hand, are sewn on the bottom of the vamp.

Elegant brand Derby shoes, being more casual, are less form-fitting and a more comfortable wear overall. The Ferragamo Derby stands out with its typical Ferragamo high quality and good form among the consumer’s mind. It has variety of vibrant colors, styles, designs and lusciousness, look in the image.

9 – Alden Shoes Full Strap Slip-on Loafers

Alden Shoes Full Strap Slip-on Loafers

Are you searching for perfectly best, comfort and well looking dress shoes for your formal wear? Stay with the brand Alden Shoes Full Strap Slip-on Loafers that meets your requirements adequately.

The Alden slip-on is the quintessential loafer. Loafers stand out due to their lack of laces or buckle straps to hold them on and often come with tassels or a single design buckle for ornamentation. The designers originally modeled these shoes somewhat after moccasins, for people to quickly don when on yachts.

Oxfords, wingtips, and monk straps are all slightly more formal shoe styles, but one can easily wear a loafer to some formal and most semi-formal events. From the form, feel, and name itself, the Alden slip-ons are a mainstay of the younger crowd that works on Wall Street. With such praise coming from those who lavish themselves with fashion, it is hard to turn away from a good-priced pair of Alden full strap slip-ons.

10 – Bruno Magli Wingtips Mens Shoes

Bruno Magli Wingtips Mens Shoes

Last one in top 10 men’s dress shoes is Bruno Magli Wingtips that are exotic, easy in wear and well looking. This brand is popular in both crafting, mens dress shoes wear and mens boots wear. There is wide range fabrication with vibrant colors and designs, you can choose your own option.

The Bruno Magli Wingtip manufactured by an Italian company is one of the staples of the men’s line of lavishness shoes. Known more for women’s shoes, Bruno Magli also produces a line of men’s shoes that is simple and elegant. The sleek Nappa leather provides a clean sheen not seen in mainly other stylish shoes, while the accommodating leather sole gives an air of comfort akin to a pair of broken-in walking shoes.

A mix up of comfort and style delivers a restful sense of modern fashion to raise any outfit to the next level. Online reviews rave of the comfort when worn for the first time or the hundredth time. When looking for a pleasant-fitting formal shoe, the Bruno Magli Wingtips is the one to consider. Stay with the pair to enjoy a paramount personality.

Summarizing the discussion, there is wide a range of variety for dress shoes, each manufacturer practices its best, but there is rare possibility creating professional base work with passion. However, all above stated brands are selected as top 10 best looking mens dress shoes brands 2016, say good bye Christmas and enter in year with pride and happy.

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