Top 10 South Indian Wedding Sarees Collection

South Indian wedding sarees are a magical in their own way. South Indian bridal Sarees come in a vibrant bouquet of styles, shades and designs. In this article, we are going to show signs of Top 10 South Indian Wedding Sarees Collection. The collection is well arrayed according to current contemporary standards exists in Indian, Bangali, Sri Lankan and Pakistani cultures.

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As you know South Indian people belong to different states and cultural backgrounds, and that a lot influences the south Indian bridal attire they wear for their special day. Kerala brides like better to wear plain white silk sarees with a gold border (and lots of gold jewellery, lucky girls!), Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka’s brides usually wear Mysore silk, Ilkal or Valkalam saris with slight variance according to their likes.

Colour preferences are also different, most will usually wear silks sarees in rich colours like red, green and blue with heavy gold zari and buta work. Moderately a tough selection to choose from, but do not worry, you can choose one from below top ten designs definitely fit to your individuality. To help you along your path, we have arrayed the catalog for you some of the most beautiful and elegant south Indian bridal sarees that you will love.

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Types of South Indian Silk Sarees

Following are 4 most practical and warmly beloved types of South Indian Sarees which are not only popular in India, but also across the world.

  • Kancheepuram or Kanjeevaram Sarees
    This type is known due to its innovative color contrasts that make it stand out from other varieties is the ‘motif’ it embodies. Pyramidical temple borders, checks, stripes and floral “booties” are traditional designs you will find in a traditional Kanchetoepuram or Kanjeevaram Saree. The border, body, and pallu are woven separately and later joined together. The design is slightly expensive due to its interlocking of 3 differently woven cloths.
  • Mysore Sarees
    The Type is known for its lively color theme and represents a minimalistic theme. This silk is easy to wear and super-versatile. I personally love this typel.
  • Konrad Sarees
    It has a wide border and motifs based on Indian deities. But, these days they also come distinguished by paisleys, peacocks, and elephants. For an eventual celebratory appear, you can go for mehndi design with similar motifs. Browns, gray and off-whites are the customary colors of these saree designs.

Top 10 South Indian Wedding Sarees Collection Review

1 – Passionately Pink Saree for South Indian Brides

Passionately Pink Saree for South Indian Brides

This beautiful and elegant pure silk sari is woven in a half and half pattern style. Here’s how the half and half pattern works, small paisleys in zari are woven from the top half down in well done orange ( a sure winner), and rich zari tikkas and paisleys in maroon embellish the bottom half of the saree. This is finished off by a traditional deep maroon pallu. The blouse is in plain maroon silk. The design is fully capable to make you spotlighting during your wedding time.

2 – Pink and Gold Wedding Saree

Pink and Gold Wedding Saree

Pink and Gold colour combination is favorite one in South Indian culture. The silk thread works along the borders and the pallu is superb and so stylish. It combines all the elements of a perfect bridal wear, the traditional gold colour, the silk thread work and a play with the shade of maroon. The design definitely creates a volume in overall look of bride.

3 – Green and Purple South Indian Saree Combination

Green and Purple South Indian Saree Combination

Do you love vibrant colour combinations? Look at green and purple combination which is perfect to mount your personality. With an uprising of colours in different patterns along the saree and the pallu, I am convinced this one is a good venture for you. The thread work overall on the design is subtle and intricately done which makes the bride really special one.

4 – Green Wedding Saree Design for South Indian

Green Wedding Saree Design for South Indian

Green is one of the most gorgeous colours dyed in south Indian bridal sarees. Look at the present design, it includes beautifully shaded parrot green, silk fabric is detailed with a pure zari check-pattern. The most striking part of this pattern is that it features a thick contrast pink-gold border and pallu. The blouse is made of pink silk with a similar gold border. Overall colour is green.

5 – Blue and Purple Wedding Saree

Blue and Purple Wedding Saree

Fifth one elegant and beauteously designed south Indian bridal saree is blue and purple colour’s amalgamation with gold work. If you are passionate with colours, check out this sky blue, zari-weaved pure silk saree with a gorgeous purple and gold pallu. Loveliest elaboration of green and gold border shows excellent fun of art. It adds a delicate element of glamour to the whole look. The pure silk blouse is purple with a matching green and gold border. The design greatly represents the SOUTH INDIAN CULTURE AND TRADITIONS.

6 – Pink and Blue Brocade Saree

Pink and Blue Brocade Saree

One of the most vibrant color’s combinations is Pink and Blue. Look at the elegant Vivaha Wedding silks collection of south Indian bridal sarees, this is a pure, hand-woven silk fabrication. The contrast between the pink and the blue of the pallu enhances the elegance of attire. It also has brocade work and is embellished with Swarovski crystals. The design is really eye-catching.

7 – Vibrant Royal Blue and Gold Silk Saree

Vibrant Royal Blue and Gold Silk Saree

In south India, vibrantly beloved color is royal blue and gold combination. This mishmash is a contemporary take on the traditional in the region. The stuff look is simple but greatly ceremonial. The royal blue colour of the silk contrasts perfectly with the golden borders and the golden pallu plays a keen role to win the glazes. If you are traditional, I think this combination is best for you.

8 – White and Pink Kanchipuram Saree

White and Pink Kanchipuram Saree

White and Rani pink woven art silk saree with blouse kanchipuram silk is also one of most favorite saree for South Indian women. Look at the design. This half-white, half-colour Kanchipuram silk sari will look elegant for a day ceremony. The delicate zari border and sari colour combo in magenta, green and gold seals the deal.

9 – Golden Silk Saree for Bride

Golden Silk Saree for Bride

Have a close view over the 9th Top South Indian Saree Design that is not only attractive but also relaxing for the bride on busy day. This regal golden saree will make the bridal appear like a south Indian princess. The dual tone golden and yellow silk comes with superbly designed buttis. The golden pallu and border also makes design more magnifying.

10 – Kerala Style Saree Wearing

Kerala Style Saree Wearing

Last one practical and really eye-catching design of SOUTH INDIAN SAREE can be recognized Kerala Style Bridal Saree. Traditionally fabricated Kerala wedding sarees or Kasavu South Indian wedding sarees are still a beloved among Malayali brides. This beautiful cotton saree is a modern take on the traditional Kerala saree. Featuring a mural painting on the pallu and a swan brocade design, this is definitely an attention-grabbing pattern.

Finalizing the story Top 10 South Indian Wedding Silk/Cotton Sarees Collection, we have discussed thoroughly 3 perfect types of South Indian Bridal dress, Kancheepuram, Mysore and Konrad Saree Designs. You can choose best one as per your taste and color preference.

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